Wellness Wednesday – July 14, 2021

Transformation Challenge – Week 20

Going for Gains – This week, try the 7-day Stairs Challenge! Aim to take the stairs any time you can instead of an elevator or escalator. The 7 Day Stairs Challenge (stephenguise.com)

Foods for Fuel – Looking to ditch your soda habit? Check out these 10 healthy drink ideas to swap out for your daily cola! Soda Swaps: 10 Healthy Recipes for Sparkling Drinks | Shape

Healthy Headspace – Explore the resources on Headspace for mindful eating. Transform your relationship with food through a holistic approach. Mindful Eating – Headspace

Farmstand App: Fresh Food at Your Fingertips

Looking for a new and exciting way to incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet? Try purchasing fresh and healthy produce at your local farmers’ market! If you are interested in buying locally, supporting your community and eating fresh produce, visiting a farmers market could be a great idea for you–and the app Farmstand can help you find one nearby!

How it works: Farmstand is a free app that is currently available on iOS devices. It is a quick and easy way to discover farmers markets in your area. The app also allows you to share photos and post deals you have found.

Once you download the application, you can either create an account with Farmstand or continue without signing in. Either one will give you full access to the app. Using your location, it immediately displays the farmers markets open in your area. You can either use a map to pull up the details of a particular market or just scroll through a list of the local markets. You’ll also see a newsfeed from other local users. Feel free to add comments or photos to the newsfeed at any time.

Pros: This easy-to-use app promotes eating healthy produce and supporting farmers in your community. It’s a great tool to help you check out a farmers market and choose a new-to-you fruit or veggie to bring home!

Cons: Within the sort tool, there is not an option to sort by day. The database is limited regarding the farmers market locations—however, the number of locations has improved based on customer feedback.

Overall consensus: If you have never experienced a farmers market, now’s your chance! Use Farmstand to find a nearby farmers market to explore!

Source: Farmstand: Fresh food at your fingertips – Health Advocate Blog

Wellness Workshop

Understanding Your Spending & Financial Behavior

Wednesday, July 21st

12pm – 1pm

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Have you ever wondered what forces influence your spending decisions? By understanding the reasons we spend money and how many of our financial decisions are made subconsciously, we can become more aware and change our financial habits.

Join your SDCCU® representative for an informative online session on consumer behavior and how to keep your finances on track.